During demanding activities, the contact layer effectively draws away sweat to upper layers of clothing. It has extreme absorption capacity in the areas of armpits and on the back, where the body sweats the most. Excellent insulating properties of material maintain stable bodily temperature even if you do not move too much. While flying, the pilots usually have a problem with benumbed hands that hold the control loops. Our patent longer wrist warms up the palms with merino and thanks to the generous space for thumbs you will not deal with worsened use of gloves. We thought of user comfort when developing the original tailored design of the sleeve to enable unrestrained movement of arms in all directions. The neck is protected by increased turtleneck. It prevents you from getting cold and loosing body warmth

A specially developed combination of merino, polypropylene and cotton in the sleeves protects against cold and heat. It is still breathable so that moisture drawn away from skin by the first Active layer evaporates through it. It ensures an ideal and stable thermal regulation of the pilot´s hands. The location of the zipper on the turtleneck enables unrestricted movement of your neck.

The sleeve including the shoulder consists of the composition of three materials: MERINO extra fine, polypropylene, and cotton. We have developed Flyskin 250, an original fabric that is resistant to increased demands and has extreme absorption. It can dry up within several minutes directly on your body, without influencing your body comfort.



The Flyskin system consists of the ACTIVE and REGULAR layers. The ACTIVE layer lies adjacent to the skin, warms it up and draw sweat away. REGULAR forms the outer barrier, protects against climatic conditions, and, at the same time, it is breathable. Both parts ideally complement each other and in combination with the well-considered design and other elements, they form a comprehensive, functional and original system not only for the paragliding pilots but also for fans of kiting.

We have been testing our products in practise continuously. For example, Flyskin passed the demanding tests of Hike & Fly and contributed to breaking the Himalayan record of the free-distance flight in Nepal. It enables better athletic performance and higher resistance of the pilot at inclement weather than any other available solution.

Flyskin is a registered trademark, which has a patent for its original solutions. We maintain the production exclusively in the Czech Republic, which is also where all knitted materials are sourced from.